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CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek

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First off I took only 12 days, that's not a month, on the other hand Teqneek took just s long to return his first verse, the only diff was I was sick with a cold, and unable to record for a week and half, that whole time I was in contact with TeqNeek. And I quote" no worries man, but the sooner the better". Teq did not contact me for 10 days until he sent his verse to me. He said the reason was his gear was down.The point is either way Red didn't drop the battle till a month later. Anyways me and teq are cool NO BEEF, and I even have two ft.on his album. Best of luck to Teqneek.
Oh and FUCK YOU PONY TAIL! Kill yourself please.

CLAB - Pachillis vs Eye-Cue CLAB - Pachillis vs Eye-Cue

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I want to thank Pachilles for a dope battle kid had mad flow!

MCI 2014 Hype Track MCI 2014 Hype Track

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You said a trannies nuttsack! And teq your in a dream bro wake up!

eqftc responds:

Pre-op, obviously

CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Fats CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Fats

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Wow these comments got me smh!

Dark Times Dark Times

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Eye-Cue Clabtrap Hype '13 Eye-Cue Clabtrap Hype '13

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Even made the beat myself just for clabby trappy!

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Clab - Pigpen Vs Vinstigator Clab - Pigpen Vs Vinstigator

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Vin Vin for the win win!

CLAB - Phonix vs Prometheus CLAB - Phonix vs Prometheus

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Phonix for the win!

CLAB - Jar vs DiVoTion CLAB - Jar vs DiVoTion

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Jar for the win!

FINAL- Butsaay vs Jakobe FINAL- Butsaay vs Jakobe

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I was torn on this one to, but I would have to go with Buttsay! but not much for real. No beef JMO!